Welcome to the Czajkowski .ORG/.WS Web-Domain!

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This page is registered at both www.czajkowski.ORG and www.czajkowski.WS. Both domains are owned by the same person and point to the same place.

This is where our Polish family comes from, roughly:

This is actually not a web-site, but rather a web-domain. It has users for the various members of our family. We're a technical-saavy family. Each user has:

The site currently has several users. All user names are kept private except one. If your last name is Czajkowski and you would like an account, please contact the web-domain owner below via e-mail with the subject header "CZAJKOWSKI.ORG WEB ACCOUNT" and he'll do what he can to set you up.

WEB DOMAIN OWNER: Michael F. Czajkowski of Syracuse, NY, USA